Worried About Your Daughter Breaking Down? What To Do Even If She Doesn't Live At Home

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If you have a daughter that is moving out on her own, or that is just getting her license, and you worry about her car breaking down on the side of the road, there are some things that you can get for her. There are some things you can get that are going to help her be safer when she is in a bad situation with a broke down car, and so she isn't in the situation for very long. Here are a couple of the things you want to get for her and that you want her to always have handy.

Pepper Spray and Stick 

Get her some pepper spray that she can keep on her keychain or even some that she can keep directly in her car. That way if someone comes up to her, she can roll down the window and spray. If she is walking and she has her key chain on her, she can spray if someone tries to attack her on foot. Having a club in the car or in the trunk for her to hold if she is broken down is also a good idea. Some people get trained with weapons in self-defense classes, and self-defense classes in general are recommended for females that frequently travel alone.

Jump and Tow Membership

A paid membership that allows her to call a company like R & R Towing to come and jump her car, or to come and tow the vehicle at any time, can prevent her from being stranded. This membership should allow her to call for help at any time of the day, and then she also won't feel obligated to stay with the car if the tow truck is coming. You may be able to just add this on to her current auto insurance policy, depending on the carrier and her current policy.

If your daughter doesn't understand the dangers that can arise when she is alone and broken down on the side of the road, you want to sit down with her and be realistic about the things that could happen. You don't want to her to be targeted by anyone because she is a female waiting for help, and giving her the tools to deal with any breakdown quickly and other tools to help keep herself safe is smart. Talk with your daughter to see what type of training and tools she thinks she would feel comfortable carrying and using. 


13 February 2017

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