Make Sure Your Car Is Ready For Your Next Off Road Adventure


If you're planning on taking your car out for a off-roading weekend excursion, it's important to make sure your ride is in good shape. You don't want to hit the trails only to find that your truck is not fit for rough riding. So, before you spend the time getting out to the woods, make sure the following issues are all taken care of.

Don't Ignore That Squeak

One of the big problems that off-roaders face is a bad suspension. This is especially true if you've spent quite a bit of time doing off-roading in your truck in the past. Bouncing around the rutted trails puts lots of stress on your vehicle's suspension. You might not sense any comfort issue (since the car might not have that typical "bounce" that is indicative of shot suspensions).

However, one common way to tell that there is some problem is when you hear a squeak. That squeak might just mean that the ball joint needs to be greased up, but it could also be indicative of a shot sway bar that is ready to snap. So, bring your car in and have it checked out.

Know That Shifting Problems Mean A Transmission Repair Might Be In Order

Another issue you need to check out before you get out in the woods is any problem with the shifting. If the shifting is slipping or sticking, then you might need to get the transmission looked at. It's much better to get this dealt with before you put a lot of stress on the car. The more stress the transmission undergoes, the worse the damage can end up. So, any problem shifting gears needs to be checked out ASAP.

Don't Forget To Check Tire Treads

Tires need to be checked out to make sure the treads are not too thin. You never want to drive on tires that are bald, but it's even more of a concern when you are off-roading and dealing with slippery, muddy, unpaved roads. You want the tires to be able to grip the road; otherwise, you might end up in a ditch or slamming into a tree.

Check Your Tow Hitch And Winch Are Bolted In Tightly

If you have outfitted your car with a hitch or winch, then make sure they are secure. If you did the installation yourself with aftermarket parts, then you should have the socket set in your garage. Get under the truck and make sure the bolts are tight. It's not unheard of for bolts to loosen over time, especially when you are dealing with aftermarket parts that were not welded on.


9 March 2017

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