Getting A Light Bar For Your ATV: What To Consider

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When you're outfitting your all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for off-road trips you want to take, there are a variety of upgrades and accessories you can choose to enhance your experience. A light bar is vital if you plan to travel at night or in rainy conditions. Not only will a high-quality LED light bar help you to see better, but it will also help other travelers to see you clearly. Here are some things about light bars you should consider before buying one.

Type of Beam

Some LED light bars offer spot lighting, while others provide flood lighting. Spot lighting allows you to see far into the distance with greater light, while flood lighting may not be as bright but offers a greater amount of coverage. Both types are useful to have at different points; you might want to use spot lighting if you spot something specific and need a better look, but flood lighting may be better for getting the lay of the land. You might opt for a light bar model that has both kinds.

IP Number

The Ingress Protection (IP) code that every light bar has gives you some idea of how much dust and water can be tolerated by the bar. As the number goes up, the more resistant a light bar is to the elements. This may be important to you if you already anticipate that you'll be out on rainy days or driving through especially dusty areas.


Before you buy a particular light bar, it's smart to do some investigating and read about the warranty being offered. Different manufacturers offer warranties of different time periods, so you might want to shop around before making a final decision.

Of special importance is information regarding what activities would cause the warranty to be voided. For example, some warranties are considered void if the bar has been underwater.

Shockproof Models

Because you're doing so much traveling off-road, the ability to withstand bumps in the road and other vibrations is essential. While a regular light bar may be fine if you're not using your ATV often, it's definitely a good idea to seek out shockproof models if you're always out in your vehicle.

With these details to focus on, you can get an effective LED light bar for your ATV. Talk more with other enthusiasts and ATV accessory retailers in order to get additional advice about these bars.


29 May 2017

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