Three Custom Parts You'll Need To Swap A Modern V8 Engine Into Your Classic Muscle Car

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While they're capable of producing plenty of horsepower, the factory engines in classic muscle cars leave a lot to be desired. Since they use carburetors and other old-school technology, they generally cannot offer the fuel efficiency, smoothness, or reliability of modern V8 engines with fuel injection and other electronic technology.

That's why a lot of enthusiasts swap modern engines into their classic cars. You get the best of both worlds: the look and charm of an old-school muscle car with the efficiency and performance of a modern-day sports car. However, swapping a new engine into an old car isn't a simple plug-and-play affair. There are some custom parts you need to include in your budget before you try to tackle the installation.

Custom Motor Mounts

Motor mounts are used to bolt your car's engine to its chassis. The mount locations in your engine bay aren't going to line up with the mounts on the motor that you're swapping in. You'll need a set of custom motor mounts to bolt your new engine into place.

Custom Transmission Mounts and Tunnel Modification

Your classic car's transmission isn't going to bolt up to your new engine. You'll need to buy the transmission that your new engine was mated to from the factory. That means you'll also need custom transmission mounts to bolt your new gearbox to your car's chassis. In some cases, the size and shape of the transmission will also require you to modify your car's transmission tunnel by cutting away metal and welding in patches.

Custom Driveshaft and Rear End Components

Your new engine and transmission will be a different length than your car's factory powertrain. That means you'll need a custom driveshaft to connect the transmission to your car's rear differential. Depending on your specific setup, you may want to upgrade your rear end components while you're at it.

Your stock differential and axle are designed to work reliably with the amount of torque your stock engine makes. If your new engine makes substantially more power, your stock differential and axle probably won't last too long, especially if you take your car drag racing. Additionally, the gears in your stock rear differential are designed to work efficiently with your stock engine's power band. Swapping out your differential for whatever differential your new engine came with from the factory will give you more efficient gearing for improved acceleration and gas mileage.

Swapping a contemporary V8 into a classic car is a huge undertaking. However, when you finish your project, you'll have a truly unique muscle car with modern performance and efficiency. For more information, contact companies like Jons Shafts and Stuff.


6 October 2017

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