Your Clunker Just Left You Stranded: Now What?

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Let's face it: driving an old beater is rarely fun. There's a certain freedom that comes with not caring about your vehicle too much, but you still need daily transportation, and finding yourself stuck on the side of the road can be an unpleasant experience. When you're in this situation, towing your car to the nearest shop can be painful if you know the repairs will probably exceed the vehicle's value.

If you think your old clunker has finally breathed its last, then there are some steps you'll want to take to stay on the right side of the law while reducing your costs. By following these three tips, you may even be able to pocket some cash for your new ride.

1. Stay Off the Road

Laws for abandoned vehicles vary from state to state, but most states look unkindly at traffic obstructions. If you're facing an imminent breakdown, you want to (safely) do everything that you can to stop your vehicle away from the road. Pulling into a breakdown lane is better than remaining on the road, but it's best to move entirely onto a soft shoulder or grass area off the street.

Generally speaking, you can expect the police to tow and impound any vehicle left in the road, often very quickly. Getting your car back will cost money, inevitably eating into your profits if you intend to junk your disabled vehicle. Likewise, you shouldn't leave your vehicle in a private parking lot if you don't expect to arrange for a tow soon.

2. Get the Car Home

If you know that it's not worth repairing your dead clunker, then your next step should be to arrange a tow to your home. Most junkyards won't tow a disabled vehicle from the side of the road, and those that will may not be able to do so before the police impound your car. Although you might not want to spend any more money on your car, getting the car home gives you more time to plan your next move.

It's also crucial to act quickly, if at all possible. Even if you manage to move your car safely from the road, you'll rarely have more than a day or two before the police mark the vehicle as abandoned and impound it.

3. Contact a Junk Car Buyer

Now that your car is safely home, you can take the time to remove any personal possessions and contact a junk car buyer. Scrap yards will typically buy vehicles in any condition, so this is an excellent way to earn some cash without wasting money on stopgap repairs. Most scrapyards will arrange to pick your junker up from your home, saving you even more money on a tow.

Watching an old car give up as you drive home can be equally frustrating and disheartening. Still, it only takes a little effort to turn this sad event into an opportunity to earn cash towards a newer and better vehicle.

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29 June 2021

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