3 Advantages To Buying A Used Fleet Truck For Your Business

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Purchasing a used commercial truck always comes with many questions, just like buying any other used vehicle. Getting a good deal requires you to do your homework and due diligence to ensure you're making a reliable and cost-effective addition to your stable. While numerous factors figure into this determination, the truck's history is among the most critical.

In most cases, you'll need to decide between trucks previously owned by large fleets and independent owner-operators. There are pros and cons to each side of this equation, but used fleet trucks can often be an excellent bargain. Here are three reasons why one of these vehicles may make a great addition to your business fleet.

1. Better Maintenance Records

While many owner-operators keep good service records, larger companies typically have more reliable and consistent maintenance procedures. Maintenance records are some of the most valuable pieces of information when purchasing a used vehicle. These records can give you peace of mind about a truck's prior upkeep, as well as inform you about any significant repairs performed in the past.

If you're planning on buying a vehicle that will become a long-term addition to your company, good maintenance records are essential. By purchasing a fleet vehicle, you'll have much better odds of receiving records that you can integrate into your maintenance plan, allowing your company's technicians to pick up right where the previous owners left off.

2. Fewer Unanswered Questions

There's more to a truck's history than just how well its previous owner maintained it. An individually-owned vehicle may have served numerous roles, and it might be challenging to determine how hard its previous owner or owners worked it. Even a well-maintained truck might develop issues in the future when worked beyond its rated capacities.

With fleet trucks, you'll have fewer unanswered questions about their work history. If you know the company that owned the truck, you may even be able to call them and find out more about how they used it. This information can help you judge if the vehicle will make a suitable long-term addition to your own fleet.

3. More Consistent Options

You probably aren't interested in trucks with many unusual options or luxury features if you're buying one to support your business operations. Owner-operators are more likely to have trucks they optioned out to their tastes, while fleets typically stick to standardized options. These base models often make excellent investments since they're easier to maintain and have fewer unusual items to fail.

Used fleet trucks can potentially make an excellent addition to businesses of any size, whether you already maintain a large fleet or only have a handful of trucks in your garage. Purchasing one of these vehicles from a place like Arrow Truck Sales is often a great way to get a reliable workhorse for a fraction of the cost you'd pay by buying new from a commercial dealership.


15 March 2022

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