What You Can Do To Protect Your Transmission

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It's up to the vehicle manufacturer to design a quality transmission, but it is up to the vehicle owner to maintain it. Make sure you are doing your part. How well you take care of your transmission will directly impact the overall function and longevity of the system. Here are a handful of tips to keep you on the right track. Drive With Care If you want to protect your transmission, you need to drive with care.

10 February 2017

Mileage or Engine Hours: Which Should You Rely on When Buying a Used Semi-Truck?

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No one said that buying a used semi-truck was a walk in the park. In addition to the usual signs of wear and tear, there's also mileage to consider. The number of miles spent on the open road can help tell the tale of a prospective purchase. But while some shoppers go by the number of miles driven, others make their choices based on the number of hours the engine has spent running.

31 January 2017